Mahat Tattva

A New Black Friday

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and as most people around the country do, I am sipping my caramel apple spice for the last time, eating heaps of leftovers, and pulling out all of our Christmas decorations. But, for the first time I am struck by the thought, What do I do now that I [...]


Maximizing Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a heartwarming holiday because it reminds us of the gift of gratitude. Gratitude is a choice that positions our day and daily decisions. It invites us to rearrange our attitudes and shift history in the making. Our collective days are absolutely altered by gratitude. Gratitude reminds us that we have control of our [...]

Brandon Christopher Warren

Are you Building a House of Expectations?

One of my favorite things about life is that it’s never quite what we expect it to be. I’m way too prone to plan-making and goal-setting. Not bad things in and of themselves, but certainly bad when they build a house of expectations that I will never have the chance to live in. On the [...]


Today, Let’s Beat the Blahs

Its easy to create when reveling in the wild moments of life intoxicated with euphoria, but I am learning the challenge of tapping into the artistic vein while trudging through the lulls of lackluster. The reality is, we navigate the high of inspiration in places of pain, adventure, and elation, but how do we awaken [...]


Buzz Topic: The Cultural Pressure to be Exceptional

I finally ran a half-marathon in the spring. I toyed with the idea of running one for a long time before I actually signed up. The thing that kept me from signing up wasn’t the fear that I wouldn’t finish; I knew that I could do it if I was disciplined about sticking to my [...]


Consider the Pigeons

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26 I sit on a hard wooden bench, waiting at a bus stop in Fiji. The day is hot, a breeze not yet [...]


Permission to Find Joy in Trials

“Let me find Thy light in my darkness,
 Thy life in my death,
 Thy joy in my sorrow,
 Thy grace in my sin,
 Thy riches in my poverty
Thy glory in my valley.”—The Valley of Vision In my perfect world… Do the words ‘world’ and ‘perfect’ even belong in the same line on a page?  The [...]


Permission to Mourn Your Losses

Loss is arguably humanity’s most universal experience. Every person on the planet will inevitably face loss in many forms: death, heartbreak, tragedy, trial, transition, surrender. When facing loss of any kind, it is appropriate and healthy to mourn. Mourning can be a part of any life transition—it helps us to let go of one thing in order [...]


Permission to Feel Again

I’ve been told that I can come off as emotionally distant. Ouch. That truth singes my heart-strings. Secretly, I’m deeply emotional and it terrifies me. I’ve sort of always been that way – colicky and perplexed. I worry, I analyze, I can’t let go. My stomach churns and my mind spins and I can’t sleep [...]

Leandro Perez

Permission to Be Yourself

I see you there. I look in at the girl sitting on the floor crying out to anybody to help her. I see the girl begging to be chosen, that’s doing everything possible to make it happen. I see how you pinch that part of your stomach, how you pick and prod at every little [...]