Quarterlife Woman was launched in January 2013.

We can all agree, there are a ton of women out there who love Jesus, right? And honestly, if you're reading this, you're probably one of them. But what happens when those women consume content? There are so many options out there… Cosmo, Glamour, Elle, Vogue. You get the picture. They're all just missing… something.

That's where Quarterlife Woman comes in. QW (or Q-Dub, as those of us around our office–––aka Starbucks–––like to call it) was birthed by way of a defined need. We exist to make women feel loved and inspired, all while making Jesus ridiculously famous. 

Our aim is to talk about the gritty things, the pretty things, and everything in between.

We are the new kid on the block, so please–––let us know how we're doing. You can email us or get in touch via the contact page.