The Quarterlife Difference

Quarterlife Woman is the channel to reach primarily Christian women in the ages 18-34 demographic. There is no digital women’s magazine like QW in the digital space. We offer highly-targeted digital campaigns and advertising solutions that are configured specifically to meet your budget and needs.

Lightning Fast, Pinpoint Reach

Your campaign can be implemented within Quarterlife Woman in as little as 24 hours. Our staff is fully equipped to meet your needs, and we can construct a tailored ad buy to maximize your marketing budget. In addition, our staff is your staff. We are on-call at all hours to address potential edits and changes in your campaign. Furthermore, we offer you a weekly data report that specifically outlines all traffic and viewership deliverables.

Ready To Build Your Ad Buy?

Don’t just spend… spend with confidence and work with us to build a campaign that drives revenue and is a catalyst for ROI. Contact us at to receive a media kit and to get started.