Permission to Feel Again

I’ve been told that I can come off as emotionally distant. Ouch. That truth singes my heart-strings. Secretly, I’m deeply emotional and it terrifies me. I’ve sort of always been that way – colicky and perplexed. I worry, I analyze, I can’t let go. My stomach churns and my mind spins and I can’t sleep [...]


Music Hippies and Coachella 2013

Have you seen that video? The one where Jimmy Kimmel sends a camera crew to interview 20-somethings about “up and coming” bands at the Coachella Music Festival? The one where people shamelessly nod their heads yes to loving bands like The Chelsea Clintons and The Obesity Epidemic declaring that they “just give off good energy?” [...]


Forbidden Fruit: Are You Hoping the Apple Satisfies You?

  I suppose that our unhealthy relationship with food began in the Garden. I don’t find it ironic that, while he could have used anything, the serpent tempted Eve with fruit. Although, in my opinion, a cupcake would have made more sense. But the fruit…it looked good. It smelled good. She was sure that it [...]


Enough with the Enoughs

A few weeks ago, while sorting through loads of laundry in my parents’ basement, I stumbled upon a picture of a younger more carefree me. It was just sitting there, on top of the washing machine, begging to be looked at, craving to be studied. I smiled at its familiarity. I laugh at the moment [...]