Mahat Tattva

A New Black Friday

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and as most people around the country do, I am sipping my caramel apple spice for the last time, eating heaps of leftovers, and pulling out all of our Christmas decorations. But, for the first time I am struck by the thought, What do I do now that I [...]

Leandro Perez

Permission to Be Yourself

I see you there. I look in at the girl sitting on the floor crying out to anybody to help her. I see the girl begging to be chosen, that’s doing everything possible to make it happen. I see how you pinch that part of your stomach, how you pick and prod at every little [...]


Have You Ever Felt Dirty?

I am my most vulnerable at night. When all the world goes to sleep I do all that I can to avoid it.  You see, it started out with just one dream. One dream I had no control in stepping into. Images I didn't need to see and feelings I didn't want to feel. Then [...]