Today, Let’s Beat the Blahs

Its easy to create when reveling in the wild moments of life intoxicated with euphoria, but I am learning the challenge of tapping into the artistic vein while trudging through the lulls of lackluster. The reality is, we navigate the high of inspiration in places of pain, adventure, and elation, but how do we awaken [...]


A Life Fulfilled: The Single Perspective

  Hey girl… no, this is not Ryan Gosling writing, but if it’s any consolation, I see you, and I get it. I'm single too, and yes, sometimes it seems that everyone all around me is getting paired up and finding love. My Facebook newsfeed is flooded with my gorgeous friends and their handsome men [...]


Bonjour Paris: A Weekend of Adventures

(Photos courtesy of Emily Julian… well, except this one. Funny how that works.) It all began with a simple lie…  …that escalated into an enormous fabricated story, as all secrets do. The final fable unraveling as Emily, Amory and I walked out the door on a Wednesday morning convincing our roommate that we were going [...]


God Showed Me How to Embrace Transition

It was a Sunday. There was a flock of chaotic sea birds chasing invisible cyclonic airstreams just off the end of the river jetty I had fled to in a moment of trepidation. I usually run to the coastline in times of seeking as I stare off into the infinity of the sea-lined horizon. The [...]


My Struggle to Stay in the USA

There was a succinct staccato rap at the door outlined by light in my dark crowded room followed by a muffled voice shouting ‘housekeeping!’ in a thick Indian accent. I was experiencing one of those early morning disorienting moments where I was completely oblivious to my whereabouts. My cloud of perplexity was founded in the [...]