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Do You Have a Hidden Struggle?

I had become a monster; a disgusting ravenous beast, a slave who willingly bowed down to her idols of greasy Doritos and countless cans of Mountain Dew.  My high school years were spent planning my next junk food binge; and how I could ever so deviously cover up my tracks. The doctors called my condition [...]


Dove Can’t Show Us Real Beauty

  The Dove Real Beauty Campaign aims to show us "real beauty." Their latest endeavour, the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video, shows a bunch of women describing themselves to a professional sketch artist who never sees them, but draws them based on their descriptions. He then draws them again, based on descriptions given by people who just [...]


The Annual Performance Review of My Body

If my body was an employee under my management, I’m pretty sure she would have quit by now. In her annual performance reviews, I overlook every good thing she has done for me, and come down hard on all the bad. I say to her, “Things aren’t looking good for you this year, body. Your [...]


Have You Ever Felt Dirty?

I am my most vulnerable at night. When all the world goes to sleep I do all that I can to avoid it.  You see, it started out with just one dream. One dream I had no control in stepping into. Images I didn't need to see and feelings I didn't want to feel. Then [...]


Forbidden Fruit: Are You Hoping the Apple Satisfies You?

  I suppose that our unhealthy relationship with food began in the Garden. I don’t find it ironic that, while he could have used anything, the serpent tempted Eve with fruit. Although, in my opinion, a cupcake would have made more sense. But the fruit…it looked good. It smelled good. She was sure that it [...]