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Mahat Tattva

A New Black Friday

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and as most people around the country do, I am sipping my caramel apple spice for the last time, eating heaps of leftovers, and pulling out all of our Christmas decorations. But, for the first time I am struck by the thought, What do I do now that I [...]


Buzz Topic: The Cultural Pressure to be Exceptional

I finally ran a half-marathon in the spring. I toyed with the idea of running one for a long time before I actually signed up. The thing that kept me from signing up wasn’t the fear that I wouldn’t finish; I knew that I could do it if I was disciplined about sticking to my [...]


Miley Cyrus, the VMAS, and Shutting Up

I forgot about the VMAs until I scrolled through my Twitter feed. Music isn’t really my thing. Outside of The Killers, I don’t really have a preference beyond wanting to listen to something with a catchy sound and gorgeous lyrics. So the VMAs weren’t something I was particularly interested in. But scrolling through my feed, [...]


Music Hippies and Coachella 2013

Have you seen that video? The one where Jimmy Kimmel sends a camera crew to interview 20-somethings about “up and coming” bands at the Coachella Music Festival? The one where people shamelessly nod their heads yes to loving bands like The Chelsea Clintons and The Obesity Epidemic declaring that they “just give off good energy?” [...]


We Are Not Hoodlums.

I think we've all been there. You've scoured the Christian section at Barnes and Noble, searching for a jump start. An ignition, if you will, for your lost–––or lonely–––or broken–––life. Invariably, your eyes find the devotional section and you settle on a devotional that might help deliver you from your distance from God.   There's [...]


The Bachelor vs. Bible Study

I’ve recently started going to a new church. My previous church was great, but over time the friends I attended with relocated and I eventually found myself attending alone. My difficult work schedule made it hard to get involved with any particular group, so for the past few years I’ve managed to stay relatively uninvolved with [...]


The Gospel and Chick-Fil-A

If you have kept up with the news lately, you may have heard of the recent sticky controversy between Chick-fil-a and same-sex marriage advocates. During this time, many boycotted the company while others munched on chicken as a statement of their support. What was lost amidst the chaos of the controversy was that standing your ground [...]


Bonjour Paris: A Weekend of Adventures

(Photos courtesy of Emily Julian… well, except this one. Funny how that works.) It all began with a simple lie…  …that escalated into an enormous fabricated story, as all secrets do. The final fable unraveling as Emily, Amory and I walked out the door on a Wednesday morning convincing our roommate that we were going [...]


Why Do We Battle With Social Media?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blogging. Pinterest. From posting pictures, to sharing statuses, to adding and deleting “friends” at will, we have made an idol of our image. We are a part of a culture that has been completely overwhelmed with a need and desire to show the world our best side, and our best side only. [...]


Ladies, Life is Not a Competition

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to be friends with men as opposed to women? It has long been argued that the two can never just be friends, but the reality is, sometimes male companionship can be WAY more preferable. Why you ask? One simple word . . .   Competition. For [...]