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Permission to Find Joy in Trials

“Let me find Thy light in my darkness,
 Thy life in my death,
 Thy joy in my sorrow,
 Thy grace in my sin,
 Thy riches in my poverty
Thy glory in my valley.”—The Valley of Vision In my perfect world… Do the words ‘world’ and ‘perfect’ even belong in the same line on a page?  The [...]


Permission to Mourn Your Losses

Loss is arguably humanity’s most universal experience. Every person on the planet will inevitably face loss in many forms: death, heartbreak, tragedy, trial, transition, surrender. When facing loss of any kind, it is appropriate and healthy to mourn. Mourning can be a part of any life transition—it helps us to let go of one thing in order [...]


Permission to Feel Again

I’ve been told that I can come off as emotionally distant. Ouch. That truth singes my heart-strings. Secretly, I’m deeply emotional and it terrifies me. I’ve sort of always been that way – colicky and perplexed. I worry, I analyze, I can’t let go. My stomach churns and my mind spins and I can’t sleep [...]

Leandro Perez

Permission to Be Yourself

I see you there. I look in at the girl sitting on the floor crying out to anybody to help her. I see the girl begging to be chosen, that’s doing everything possible to make it happen. I see how you pinch that part of your stomach, how you pick and prod at every little [...]


Welcome to Quarterlife Woman!

Welcome to Quarterlife Woman! We are brewing with excitement over this latest endeavor in the Quarterlife movement. We have one mission that is multi-dimensional–to make Jesus famous. Our hope is to engage our generation with culturally relevant content as we seek out answers to new, unchartered questions. Join us on this journey. Visit often. See where [...]